America Investment Migration Program

The EB-5 Investor Migration Program

EB-5 investor migration program is employment-based Fifth Preference Migration Visa. America set up this special investment immigration program to encourage foreign investors. This program only needs 500,000 dollars to obtain the world’s highest value green card. There is no requirement on self-employed, education background and language. The whole family can obtain American identity with principal applicant. 

EB-1C Multi-National Corporation Manager Migration Program

EB-1C is migration category C for outstanding talents. EB-1C is also called Multi-National Corporation manager migration program. Once approved, the principal applicant, spouse and children under 21 years old can obtain green card and become resident of the United States after landed. 

EB-3 Employer Sponsored Migration Program

EB-3 Employer Sponsored Migration Program is the third priority categories of professional migration. It is one of the oldest American skilled migration programs. It includes skilled workers, professionals and unprofessional skilled workers.