As the earliest business run by Strong International, Business Trip has extended to be all over the world with 20 years development. We have a professional team of 50 employees, working in 8 subsidiaries in Zhejiang province, and 80% of them with overseas study or work experience.

With vast overseas resources and an efficient operation system, Strong International has created our own training mode integrating education, training and exchange visits and customized courses according to the needs and interest of the client and common international courses. To meet the requests of the governments at all levels, we have designed and developed a series of training courses lasting from one week to one year long, during which we keep communicating and tracking the requirement to ensure an individualized course and provide a good service. We offer enriching courses in various subjects with advanced and flexible teaching methods. 

Marketing Department and Operator Department make the whole project run successfully. Marketing department is responsible for business training and exchange of visiting team, and Operator Department is responsible for the liaison between home and abroad for 24 hours, and documents. Professional operating team are made of more than 50 people. More than 80% of employees have overseas study and work experience, who are familiar with the foreign environment, visa regulations and audit procedures. team employees do not act regularly as an overseas team leader in the travel arrangements, for the reception, to ensure the smooth travel of the group.