In order to be admitted to various western education systems, international students, including Chinese, are required to pass a one year foundation course to ensure they are ready for a tertiary level education. Chinese students in particular, face numerous hurdles when adapting to the western education system, therefore, an increasing number of universities are expecting their entrants to have a foundation year qualification.

International Foundation Preparatory Program is a program developed by Zhejiang Strong Internation Training School, which designed to ease the transition for students from the Chinese to a western system, not only through gaining qualifications but also implementing an “East Meets West” teaching style. This approach ensures the students are as prepared as possible when they arrive overseas. This program includes two curriculums, North American and UK, for those intending to study in these respective locations. With the faculty comprised of a blend of both Chinese and western teachers, we aim to give each student the tools to be able to make huge strides forward during their time abroad.